Venice workshop

To compliment the research we carried out in the rest of the project, we ran a knowledge brokerage workshop in Venice in October 2013.  The workshop brought together over forty indicator experts, economists, statisticians, government officials, trade union representatives and policy makers, who were encouraged to put forward and discuss their impressions regarding the key barriers facing the uptake of Beyond GDP indicators.  The representatives put together an action plan, with specific goals for the following months.

You can read a blog about the event on the OECD ProgBlog.

The presentations from the conference can be watched online below.

Presentation 1: What is “Beyond GDP” and how are indicators used?

What is Beyond GDP? And how are Beyond GDP indicators used? from nefwellbeing


Presentation 2: How to move “Beyond GDP?” – from meta-questions on use to  barriers for influence

How to move Beyond-GDP? From defining meta-questions on use to working with barriers for influence from nefwellbeing


Presentation 3: An Action Plan for moving “Beyond GDP”

How to move Beyond-GDP? An action plan from nefwellbeing