Success factors

What makes some indicator initiatives more successful than others, in terms of creating interest but more importantly in terms of influencing policy? The presentation below shows what we found, based on interviews with the promoters of 17 different initiatives:

What makes indicators successful? Lessons from practitioners from nefwellbeing

Link to French version

If you’d like to find out more, then you can download the report (WP1) on the indicator initiatives we reviewed: PDF

Overall, the message was clear – whilst some successes could be seen from Beyond GDP initiatives they tended to be either a) at the local level or b) at the margins of mainstream policy-making. Click on the next tab (Beyond GDP demand) to find out why. We’ve also produced a table specifically looking at the media impact of these initiatives.

Further info

You might be interested in two other projects which have sought to identify the factors associated with successful indicator initiatives:

POINT (Policy Influence of Indicators) was an EU FP7 project predating BRAINPOoL which looked at success of indicators broadly (not just Beyond GDP indicators).

Shifting the Dial was a report commissioned by the Carnegie UK Trust and written by IPPR North, which explored six case studies of how Beyond GDP indicators have (or have not) influenced policy.