Map of initiatives and case studies


BRAINPOoL case studies and country surveys

This clickable map gives an overview of two of the project’s core activities and provides links to some of the outputs that were generated.

Before mapping the demand for Beyond GDP indicators,  we undertook surveys of all the major Beyond GDP ‘happenings’ (events, initiatives, documents etc.) in specific EU-member states and at the EU and OECD level. The aim was to map the institutional contexts of Beyond GDP indicators and compare the policy agendas that have built up around their development and promotion gaining a useful understanding of the variations in different countries and selected European/international organisations.

Following this, we conducted seven case studies around Europe, in each case working with indicator promoters and indicator users (or potential users), to enhance the use of Beyond GDP indicators in policy. In each one we attempted to identify barriers to use, and develop recommendations for overcoming them.  We conducted desk research and interviews, and brought relevant actors together in workshops and seminars.