Indicators and initiatives

The first task for BRAINPOoL (part of WP1) was to create a reservoir of Beyond GDP initiatives to explore. We created a categorised long list of 95 Beyond GDP indicator or indicator initiatives – which you can explore in an this Excel spreadsheet. The list includes information on the type of indicator proposed, the organisation putting forward the indicator, the domains measured by the indicator, and much more.

Based on this long list, we selected 18 indicators or initiatives for further exploration. Actors associated with each of these were interviewed to find out more about the intentions of the indicator producers, the impact of the indicators, and the success factors that the interviewees identified as important. Click on the success factors tab to find out more about the findings of these interviews.  You can also find more detailed information about 16 of the initiatives in the indicator factsheets we have produced.

Lastly, the map of Europe allows you to click and see the indicator initiatives we studied categorised by country, as well as a timeline of events related to Beyond GDP in seven study countries.

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Further work:

Two other EU-funded projects are exploring Beyond GDP indicators and initiatives.

e-Frame (European Framework for Measuring Progress aims at fostering the on-going debate on the measurement of well-being and the progress of societies, and involves four major National Statistical Institutes.  The project has involved major stocktaking activities of Beyond GDP indicators, as well as attempts to harmonise measurement approaches.

NETGREEN (Network for a Green Economy) started in September 2013, and will create a database of indicators relevant for the measurement of different conceptions of the green economy.

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