Work packages

The Brainpool project is divided into eight ‘work packages’ (WPs). Those relating to the core analytical work of the project, and the way these connect to each other, are represented in the diagram below.  Information on these, and other work packages, can be found by clicking on the links on the left of the page


The project falls into three main stages. In the first stage (WP1 and WP2) we reviewed the indicators and other statistics available, the ways and contexts in which they are used and their promoters intend them to be used, and the technical, organisational and political parameters which determine their success. We also took steps to link our work with other similar initiatives. This involved desk research, liaison with others working in the field (official and civil society bodies, academics), interviews and seminars.

In the second stage (WP3 and WP4) we worked with a selection of indicator and statistics suppliers and policy agencies (at supra-national, national, regional and local levels) to identify how indicators and statistics can be used more effectively. This included action research on some live policy cases, and knowledge brokering, with participants discussing their experiences and drawing conclusions in a structured way.

In the third stage (WP5 we will disseminate the results to a still wider group, through a final report and a final conference. We have also produced modular communication packages (such as slideshare presentations), which are available on this website, and have been disseminated broadly.