In-built monitoring and evaluation

This project has involved in-built monitoring and evaluation, lead by Erasmus University Rotterdam, to reflect upon and to evaluate the knowledge-brokering activities between suppliers and potential users of indicators at various stages throughout the project and to evaluate the results of these brokering activities.

The evaluation provides monitoring, reflection, learning on-the-job, and helps to adjust project activities accordingly. It both looks and reflects at internal project dynamics (like cooperation, mutual understanding, connectedness, etc.) as well as external events and the chances of the project to have impact on the outside world. It explicitly pays attention to the interconnectivity between producers and consumers of beyond GDP indicators and the effect and impact of brokerage activities therein. Moreover, its focus is on the expected impact on the long-term by transition monitoring and system analysis.

The evaluation has been active throughout the entire duration of the BRAINPOoL project and will deliver both an intermediate report and a final report