BRAINPOoL (Bringing Alternative Indicators into Policy) is a project funded by the European Union FP7 funding stream, looking at the barriers to, and opportunities for the use of Beyond GDP indicators in policy. During the course of the project (which runs from October 2011 to April 2014) we have been: In November 2013, a workshop was held bringing together a unique combination of indicator promoters, policy-makers and other stakeholders to explore ways of accelerating the uptake of Beyond GDP indicators, and a road map was proposed.

In March 2014, the project will conclude with a final conference in Paris, which will aim towards a Beyond GDP approach to policy making (not just Beyond GDP indicators). The conference will focus on the steps needed to tackle two of the central barriers we have identified: developing techniques for helping address multiple goals and integrating different policy areas; and creating a Beyond GDP narrative which resonates and inspires confidence with the public. It will do so with reference to specific policy challenges, so as to inspire concrete action.


BRAINPOoL officially over, but has just begun!

The BRAINPOoL project is now officially over, and we will be uploading the final deliverables (including final report) shortly.  However, the workshop in Paris in March was such a success that project partners and attendees have committed to continuing to take the work forward, including specific actions that emerged in the workshop. We are currently exploring funding possibilities to do all this.  So, if you are interested in how alternative indicators can support the transition to a sustainable and equitable economy that delivers high well-being, then stay tuned.